What can I offer you? 

1-2-1 Energy Reading 

Interacting with your energy will immediately allow me to pick up you and your situations, not every single thing only what is relevant to you now. This could be stuff from the past that is holding you back, the frustration of what you can’t control in the future or the lack of understanding of why there is a repeat pattern of behaviour! 

Our 1-2-1 will natural flow into a normal conversation, where I will pass on  messages of what I am picking up in your energy, information I receive from those that are now in spirit, as well as coach you in a very intuitive way. 

  • Our 1-2-1 will be totally confidential 

  • You can record the 1-2-1 so you can reflect back 

  • Feel free to ask questions at any time during the 1-2-1

  • Ending with clarity, understanding and direction. 

The cost for your 1-2-1 Energy Reading

  • Is some of your own personal time, 

  • An open mind, 

  • £60 (these amounts will be converted into the relevant currency to your location)


Multi session

If you find that you want more you may considered the below.

  • 1 ½ hour personal profile session which will be about finding out about your blockages and how to overcome them, in a logical way that relates to you. 

  • 1 hours’ worth of review calls over a two months period (more can be added if needed). This will give us the chance to clarify how things are progressing with you and reflect on any changes that maybe needed. 

  • One email, covering a topic/issue/dilemma of your choice which you would like a different perspective view on.

  • And to keep you on track you will receive a copy of my very popular "Arse Kicking with a Hug" message book.

All for ONLY £250.00 (this amount will be converted into the relevant currency for your location) 

I offer both day and evening appointments in UK/Ireland/Portugal/Europe; other arrangements will be made for those places with different time zones. 

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to book your chosen option, and let’s get out of the drama and back into your natural flow. 

Are you looking to change the way you perceive yourself and your life, to release yourself from any blockages that are holding you back?