Work With Me

I believe as humans we all have 3 desires in life:

  1. To be recognised

  2. To be listened to

  3. To be loved

I understand that achieving one, if not all of these, can be a challenge, a challenge that is faced by many of my clients and many others in this world. By interacting with your own personal energy field, I can understand where you are right now and help you to discover what needs the most attention, to enable you to move forward and achieve what is really important to you. 

It is so important for me to find a way to work with clients that fits with their logical way of thinking and action. For example, I had a lady that wanted to run a business training horses with issues, but she disliked people to the point that she couldn’t pick up the phone to speak to the clients. We found the blockage that gave her this issue and turned it around, she now looks at each person that contacts her as if they were a horse and how would she handle them. No reins, whips or horseboxes were ever used but she did get her business up and running and was able to socialise in a more comfortable and positive way.

Another man who ran an IT team was struggling with how to deal with all their personalities and how to get the team to work together in a productive way. I knew he loved to cook with spices and enjoyed experimenting with them to get different outcomes, you can see where I am going with this. I encouraged him to look at his team as different spices, so he could work out which ones would work together and the ones which need to be by themselves. He could also then identify the ones that needed constant encouragement to bring out the best in them and those that just needed a quick stir up. It made his professional life so much easier. He then used that same technique in his personal life, which led to him meet a very special lady, something which he had struggled with doing so in the past.

Here are the different ways I can work with you if you are looking for and ready to embrace change.

1-2-1 Energy Reading & Intuitive Coaching

Our 1-2-1 will be totally confidential and very personal to you and your situation, my aim it to pass on all the relevant information in way that will bring you awareness, realisation and direction, in a very down to earth and caring way, that suits your personality and believes. You can ask questions, request that we cover a certain aspect of your life or just be open to what it brought to you.

The cost for your 1-2-1 an Energy Reading is some of your own personal time, an open mind and £60 (these amounts will be converted into the relevant currency to your location)

If you find that you want more than just a one off session than you may considered my Transformation Intuitive Coaching programme which includes:

  • 1 ½ hour personal profile session which will be about finding out about your blockages and how to overcome them, in a logical way that relates to you.

  • 1 hours’ worth of review calls over a two months period (more can be added if needed). This will give us the chance to clarify how things are progressing with you and reflect on any changes that maybe needed.

  • One email, covering a topic/issue/dilemma of your choice which you would like a different perspective view on.

  • And to keep you on track you will receive a copy of my very popular "Arse Kicking with a Hug" message book.

All for ONLY £250.00 (this amount will be converted into the relevant currency for your location)

As I am based in Portugal at the moment so the best options available are via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

I offer both day and evening appointments in UK/Ireland/Portugal/Europe; other arrangements will be made for those places with different time zones.

You can book using the form at the bottom of this page.

Are you looking to change the way you perceive yourself and your life, to release yourself from any blockages that are holding you back?