"Last July my friend nudged a very sceptical me to give Lynne and call and whoaaa what a lightning bolt it turned out to be.

I was in a failing marriage of 23 years and yet I continued to strive to fix it. Lynne described my marriage and husband with such accuracy that I wept from sheer relief that finally someone understood me. The detail of description was astounding and how this lady who has never met me knew so much? I was able to see why I continued to hold on and what prevented me from moving forward.

Lynne’s guidance catapulted me to go forth to a new beginning and with that an entirely different chapter in my life emerged. I continued to seek guidance and direction from Lynne over the course of the next 6 months during this phase. Without this contact my life would not be the rainbow of colour and excitement that it is now.

Sadly, with the passing of my beloved mother in January this year, I was left devastated and again sought guidance from Lynne. The messages delivered to me from my mother and the gift this was I cannot put into words. Grief is painful but to know that my mum is at peace and is actually happier makes me cope better each day. The message was so personal and there were things I was told that left me (the initial sceptic) again aghast.

This wonderful lady has so much spiritual wisdom. I am most grateful to have her light guide me during my dark days. I look forward to meeting her in person someday soon."


"I have had five months of counselling to help deal with my situation with very little progress. I was amazed that after one session with Lynne I have found some peace and understanding. After the second session I was more motivated and had more clarity. I am going forward now instead of standing still and looking forward to what life has in stall for me. Thank you, Lynne, for understanding me and my situation."


"I went to Lynne not really knowing what I would gain from the experience. I was blown away with what I walked away with that evening. I had some questions answered that gave me closure on the passing of my mother. Lynne had the most amazing intuition on what areas of my life I needed to work on, and to top it off gave me advice on the tools I could try to help start the process of becoming the person I could be. The session was in such a relaxing atmosphere when messages came through it just felt like a three-way conversation. I would advise anyone who is stuck in life or has questions to ask of souls that have passed to have a session with Lynne. My session has given me a kick start and focus on the things I need to work on to move forward to a happier life. Thank you, Lynne."


"I just felt that I needed to say a huge thank you to Lynne for all of her help and support over the past several months.

With her help and guidance, I find I am now far better equipped to deal with all that is thrown at me.

I am so much more confident in my own abilities and in my ability to communicate now, even with autoreactive figures. Something which before would have left me quivering is now no longer a problem.

I can approach a situation now knowing that the outcome will be reached with calmness and decisiveness.

I can see my own path so much more clearly now, I feel empowered, stronger and so much more my own person and not the person others perceive me to be.

Lynne has made me see that I matter, that the things that I want and my desires matter; my life is not just about other people it is about me! My life is important and that I deserve to be listened to and to be heard.

I just cannot thank you enough Lynne.


"I visited Lynne as I felt I needed to find some inner peace and I can safely say after my one session, I felt the first moment of peace that I had felt in a long time. Lynne is highly professional and extremely warming, as soon as I came in to her home I felt at ease with her. Lynne has a gift and I extremely thankful to her for sharing it with me, my mind is now becoming my own and for that, I’ll be forever grateful."


"My path to Lynne (the message giver) came through strong recommendation from a friend who had several sessions with her. Within minutes Lynne picked up on my energy and although I told her nothing about myself she spoke continuously and fluidly with insight and clarity about my character, my feelings, concerns and strengths. As I felt instantly connected to Lynne she was able to quickly focus on the most relevant areas of my life I need to concentrate on and deliver her message to me with powerful and inspiring insight.

My whole experience reaffirmed my knowledge that our souls know the path we need to take - but during our lifetime our minds can become clouded and confused. Lynne helped me reconnect and gave me the confidence to make a big decision that I had avoided for years and using my inner strength put me firmly back on the right path for me.

Everyone's' experience will be unique to them and it's never too late to change and have total believe that we all deserve fulfilment, success and true happiness. Thank you, Lynne."

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