How The Seeds Grows!

This theme doesn’t just apply to nature it applies to us too. What we allow to grow within us will impact those around us as well as ourselves.

So let think about this, the seed roots are nurtured by the soil of the earth, at the same time it grows towards the light for its upper development, the part that we see. It will keep growing as long as it doesn’t get a disease, or is strangled by vine, or taken out by freak weather conditions or chopped down by a human or a beaver or eaten by wildlife! Once it is fully grown its roots are deep and firm giving it stability and the upper part offer support to others in so many different ways, including us.

Let’s now apply this format to our life:

Seed/birth = the way we are nurtured will affect our young roots/core

Outward development growth = what we are encouraged to grow towards will affect how we display ourselves and what we attract back to us.

Survival = the experiences we have will make us stronger or break us.

Maturity = we can support others but also support ourselves.

Another way to look at this is:

Our thoughts will plant seeds that will grow into the energies that we give out, which will affect us and those around us.

We have the gift of our senses to use to help our personal development but they can be strangled by others if we let them.

Some experiences we can manage to grow from, others will damage our very core, others will pull up our roots!

By nurturing, loving and supporting ourselves, we can offer so much more to others.

You chose to be a seed on this planet, to develop and grow so you will have an impact on the world, what sort of impact will depend on how you nurture your roots and what you display out to others.

Bye…..for now

Lynne The Message Giver.