“Arse kicking with a hug” Message Book

My messages can be delivered in person, over the internet or phone but I am not able to be with you 24/7. Don’t worry…when I am getting my rest and recuperation, you can still have “The Message Giver” close at hand via my intuitive Message Book, 

Why this book? 

It has 80 unique messages, as well as space to reflect and journal your thoughts, it is not prescriptive, nor is it written for a specific audience, the messages are relevant to everyone. Each message offers you an opportunity to maybe gain a new perspective or challenge a current pattern of behaviour. The messages are not meant to judge or criticise, only offer solace, guidance, comfort, and understanding. 


How to get your message?

You simply hold the book between your hands allowing your energy to flow through the book; then open to a random page. Here you will find a message on the right, with the opposite page left blank. The blank page is there for you to make any notes, like the date your thoughts and reactions, doodle, jot down some random words or leave it blank. 


How can you get your copy?

Sometimes we need a little help to find our way through the confusion; maybe the “Arse kicking with a Hug” message book could be the tool to help you.

To order your copy, please Click Here.