It is a huge privilege to be able to use my skills and abilities as an Energy Reader and an Intuitive Transformation Coach, to support those that want to invest in their personal development and discover their true self.  I am also very passionate about empowering my clients to realise their real potential, so they can be the one in control of their life and their emotions, rather than the other way around.

So how did I discover my abilities and how to use them?

For many years (before I fully understood my abilities) I found that I was the one that people would come to if they had a problem, or just wanted to download. I naturally said the right thing to offer comfort or encouragement. I found I could adapt to situations as if I were that person, fully understanding their emotions, frustrations and confusion.

This happened in my personal life as well as my professional life. It didn’t matter if I was queuing for shopping of sorting out issues as a facilities manager, people would still come to me and I would manage to sort things out. In fact, I am sure my abilities helped me as much as it helped others when dealing with some of the roles I took on in my professional life as a PA/Manager/Co-ordinator.

Over 10 years ago, I made the giant leap to step out of the commercial world and become self-employed as The Message Giver, but a decision that I don’t regret in any way.

After much encouragement to interact with other spiritual people, and through attending workshops and training, I began to understand that these situations were not happening by chance. I wasn’t just pulling the right words out nowhere, and I wasn’t feeling the other person’s emotional state by luck. I discovered I had a strong intuitive gift, a gift that I could use in a positive way to help those in need.

Over the past 25 years I have worked with many different people from around the world, with their own unique, complex range of difficulties and situations. All these experiences have fine tuned my abilities. I have also developed my own way of working with these skills that suits my personality. I am constantly overwhelmed and delighted at the results I hear about from my clients. It’s not just the clients that come to me with the openness to want to change that benefit, it has a knock-on effect on those that are around those wonderful souls too. Every day I really appreciate the fact that I have this wonderful gift and that it can be used to encourage, support and help others to find and appreciate their wonderful gifts too.

Are you ready to create meaningful changes in your life, find clarity and peace and be open to new opportunities?