Introducton to  Lynne Pomeroy – The Message Giver


It is a huge privilege to be able to use my skills and abilities as an Energy Reader and an Intuitive Transformation Coach, to support those that want to invest in their personal development and discover their true self.  I am also very passionate about empowering my clients to realise their real potential, so they can be the one in control of their life and their emotions, rather than the other way around.

I always seem to be able to feel people’s emotions, their situations and had this ability to be able to say the words they need to hear at that time, and for me, I thought this is what everyone could do.

But a bit later in life, someone explained to me “No this is ability, a gift that you could really develop and help a lot of people in a lot of different ways”.

 So I went down that avenue of doing workshops and all different types of training, following different people and learning, it was quite a structured system, but over the years I have learned too really embrace this gift, and I love it. 

It is such an amazing thing to be able to work with someone, to be able to sense that person and then to be able to help them get out of that situation for me is so rewarding.

But to do it in a really realistic way a real down to earth way that everybody understands and really enjoy it and just keep doing it.

Are you ready to create meaningful changes in your life, find clarity and peace and be open to new opportunities?