"I have met Lynne for several sessions and each time I have been amazed at her insight which has enabled her to very quickly grasp the thoughts and issues I have been grappling with. With her non-judgmental and down to earth approach, Lynne encourages you to understand what is holding you back and to make a commitment to introduce positive changes into your life. Whether individuals are looking for a change of career direction or to be happier and more fulfilled in their personal lives, or both, I would definitely recommend they meet with Lynne. She will undoubtedly help them to put the framework in place to make positive steps forward to realise their potential."



It's tricky to find the right words to explain what having a session with Lynne is like. .. But the feeling afterwards is one of pure bliss. Lynne brings comfort and the clear analysis of relationship problems has given me an extra dimension. My heart feels really peaceful afterwards. I would recommend you to let Lynne work alongside you as her expertise is so beneficial. I speak from personal experience and Lynne has lifted my spirits on so many occasions."


"I went to Lynne not really knowing what I would gain from the experience. I was blown away with what I walked away with that evening. I had some questions answered that gave me closure on the passing of my mother. Lynne had the most amazing intuition on what areas of my life I needed to work on, and to top it off gave me advise on the tools I could try to help start the process of becoming the person I could be. The session was in such a relaxing atmosphere when messages came through it just felt like a three way conversation. I would advise anyone who is stuck in life, or has questions to ask of souls that have passed to have a session with Lynne. My session has given me a kick start and focus on the things I need to work on to move forward to a happier life. Thank you Lynne."



"I had a fantastic experience with Lynne. I was sceptical heading into the appointment as i wasn't sure if i believed in spirits or not but i had to go as i was looking for answers to varied things in my life. Lynne made me feel welcome and very comfortable straight away. The appointment was such a surprise as i wasn't expecting much but have come away and everything i went into the appointment in search of i feel has been answered and i feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I'm now really enjoying my life and really moving forward in the right direction. I'm still not sure if i believe in spirits or not but something has definately happened. Thank you Lynne, this has truly helped me move in the direction of my dreams."

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Lynne for such an eyeopening session I was really blown away by how she was able to dive right into the crux of the matter and give me guidance on things that had been floating around in my mind for a long time. She passed on pertinent messages from my loved ones on the other side and this gave me clarity. It was a really lovely exchange and Lynne was so open to the questions I had, I came away feeling so much lighter and positive about the future. Thanks Lynne "


I have had five months of counselling to help deal with my situation with very little progress. I was amazed that after one session with Lynne I have found some peace and understanding. After the second session I was more motivated and had more clarity. I am going forward now instead of standing still and looking forward to what life has in stall for me. Thank you Lynne for understanding me and my situation.


I was very fortunate to win a raffle prize of a 1-to-1 session with Lynne, and have since seen her three more times. To me, she is a life coach with a direct line to the Universe, so I trust her implicitly. In our second meeting, well over a year ago, Lynne told be something about my near-future plans that I didn’t want to hear. She told me I simply wasn’t in the right place at that time but reassured me I that would embark on a wonderful project that I hadn’t even thought of yet. As it turned out, that project was becoming a volunteer Puppy Walker for Guide Dogs for the Blind, which put all my other projects firmly to the back burner for a whole year. When I knew my time with my first puppy was coming to an end as he was ready to go on to the next stage of his training, I booked a session with Lynne, hoping to hear that the timing was now right for me to dust off my original plans and she said yes! Since then, everything is falling into place and I’m so grateful for Lynne’s insight. She delivers information with firmness but with good humour, and an hour in her company is never long enough.

JP, Wiltshire, 2016


My path to Lynne (the message giver) came through strong recommendation from a friend who had several sessions with her. Within minutes Lynne picked up on my energy and although I told her nothing about myself she spoke continuously and fluidly with insight and clarity about my character, my feelings, concerns and strengths. As I felt instantly connected to Lynne she was able to quickly focus on the most relevant areas of my life I need to concentrate on and deliver her message to me with powerful and inspiring insight.

My whole experience reaffirmed my knowledge that our souls know the path we need to take - but during our lifetime our minds can become clouded and confused. Lynne helped me reconnect and gave me the confidence to make a big decision that I had avoided for years and using my inner strength put me firmly back on the right path for me.

Everyone's' experience will be unique to them and it's never too late to change and have total believe that we all deserve fulfilment, success and true happiness. Thank you Lynne.