Message Book


The result is an A6 book with 80 'Arse Kicking with a Hug' messages that you can use at your own leisure. Your mood, your personal situation and you outlook on life will be reflecting in the message that is shown to you. It is then up to you how you receive the message and how you allow it to impact your life.

My job done……for now!

To order your Arse Kicking experiences please use the link below:

Over the years I have been known for my message cards which I have given out to my clients after our session, when networking and at my workshops. They have been received in various different ways from tears to laughter, to understanding but always with gratitude. 

This reaction has finally encouraged me to find a way to get more messages to more people in a practical but different way. The idea came to me through a book with messages and a blank page opposite the message for you to record your thoughts to reflect back on. 

I sat down and worked with spirit to receive the relevant messages; the title for the book was handed to me some years ago when a lady that had a session with me was asked to describe what is was like and she came up with “it was an Arse Kicking with a Hug”, which I loved and have used ever since. My logo was ready all I need to do was take my idea to the printer and turn into reality.