How I work

What do I do?

Psychic/Mediums/Hypnotherapy/Coaching/Energy Reader/Mindfulness/ are all different services that can offer you support, depending on what you are looking for and what suites your personality.

I prefer not to be boxed with a title but I can offer a service that will provide you with realisation and awareness, by reading your personal energies and then feed back to you all you need to know about you and your life situations. My messages will help clear away the doubts and confusion, bringing clarity and understanding so you can take control, make realistic decisions and have peace of mind. 

It's your life, so only you should be in control of it, but having some relevant support along the way from outside resources can prove to be very useful.

Do I work with spirit energies? Yes but in my own unique and natural way, keeping things realistic rather than weird”

What happens in our 1-2-1 session?

It's a good idea if you have a think about what you want from the session before you arrive. 

  1. Do you want me to answer questions? 
  2. Is there a certain passed soul that you would like to have contact with? 
  3. Are you just looking for confirmation of your situation and how to move forward in a positive way?



Our session will start with me giving you some feedback on what I pick up from your energy. I like to do this as you will be able to see that I have an understanding of your personality, your emotions and your current situation. I also feel this will helps you to be more at ease with me, which in turn makes the session more enjoyable and personal.

The session will progress in a natural way depending on what you need and require. Thought out I encourage you to ask any questions you have but not to feed me any information as that needs to come via the messages I receive. 

At the end of the session I will recap on the main things that we have talked about and clarify that you are happy with what you received from the sessions. 



£45 for 90mins = In this time we can cover what is going on in your life and look at option for you to consider. This also includes a card message to take home, and the opportunity to record the session.


£125 for 4 hours = This 4 hour session would be used to bring awareness and realisation to the situations going on in your life, have a deeper understand about how you see and feel about yourself.  You would also learn and practice techniques that you can use in your every day life to make sure you stay more in control rather than being out of control, that will help take away confusion and replace it with understanding. This session may also include some healing/mediation depending on your personal needs. You also get a note book and pen, the card message to take home, plus a copy of "The Arse Kicking with a Hug" message book.





Lynne is one very amazing, gifted lady. Not only is she able to pass messages from her well informed team spirits, but she also helped me to understand why I’m here. She also managed to contact some of my loved ones who have sadly passed, and gave me some very encouraging words from them. Admittedly as Lynne already knew I was somewhat of a skeptic at first, but one session left me in no doubt that there is more to this world than most people know.
— Jen Payne
I wanted Lynne to tell me that I would have love and happiness in my life again, give my an idea of what the future had lined up for me. This didn’t happen instead Lynne gave me a greater understanding of myself, my life and how I could move forward and achieve what I wanted instead on rely on others to bring it to me, and then take it away again. I could have a great life and share it with some one who I choice to share it with. I am now very excited about my future rather than being unsettled and confused.
— Carole