Gathering of like minded souls (GOLMS)


I have met so many people while doing my 1-2-1's that felt they were different and wired because they had a connection with spirit (including my self). Trying to get the right sort of support, guidance and understanding that allow the individual own unique style to develop, with a clear understanding of what working with spirit can be all about is quite difficult, which can lead to lots of confusion, being scared, denial and uncertainty. 



My own experiences made me realise that too many groups want to mould you in a certain way rather than make it quite a natural thing to use in your everyday life that fits in with your personality.

Not everyone needs to become a Medium/Psychic giving messages about the future or proving there is life after we pass over. There are lots of different ways of working with spirit and what suits one person will not suit another. Working with spirit is not exclusive to a certain time, reason or occasion, is should be a natural process you use like walking. My main aims is to help each individual to find a way to use their ability in their everyday life in a very natural way

Being boxed in and programmed to work in a certain way, didn't work for me and that is why I decided to start my own development/support group called GOLMS which stands for Gathering Of Like Minded Souls.

As a group we come together to share our experiences, gain understanding and develop our skills. The group session starts with learning more about ourselves via a light relaxed mediation. I guide you through this but I don't feed you what you should be seeing or doing, so you will experience what you are meant to experience. After talking about the mediation experiences we move onto activities that aim to give each individual understanding and clarifications. 

For example:
I had a business coach join the group, who we will call Ms X. She was very confident in her own field of Business Coaching but was very out on a limb (as she thought) when working with spirit. I turned things around and by using her natural skills she was more comfortable, this took away the pressure she had put on herself of how to work with spirit.

I carefully arranged for one of the other group members to stand behind Ms X, without her knowing. Then I asked Ms X to feel the atmosphere around her and to imagine that she was going to advise a business client. I asked her explain what she was feeling and how this person could deal with the situation. Once Ms X had finished telling me what she was feeling I turned her around so she could see the person behind her. That other person said that every thing Ms X had said was spot on, very relevant and helpful. Ms X was blown away with the outcome and delighted that she found a way to connect with spirit by using her natural skills/abilities. 
Everything that goes on in the group is totally confidential, which is very important for those in the group as this is a personal journey and the individual should decide who they share this information with. This way skills can be used in a more natural way rather than being put under pressure to perform, demonstrate or be ridiculed.  The people in the group are very friendly and very welcoming to new comers. I can also do 1-2-1 session if you prefer.
GOLMS is open to anyone that feels they want to develop their skills/abilities not their ego.  


GOLMS has provided me with a small, yet powerful community of spiritual friends who all equally offer advice as much as they receive. No one’s voice goes unheard and with Lynne’s support and encouragement I have learned to trust what I hear and to not filter what spirit has to say.

Working with angels and psychic drawing have always been my most enjoyable aspects of golms. There are many opportunities to explore the different mediums to communicate with spirit and we all do better in certain areas. Discovering what you’re best at is both intriguing and exciting.

From day one, the positivity that emanates from the group is very uplifting and welcoming. I consider myself very fortunate to have found such a supportive group of likeminded people.

— Matt