Intuitive Coaching

For some people a one off 1-2-1 will not be enough as they need more in-depth understanding of things and also need to learn more about how THEY can take control of THEIR life. 

In our coaching session I still work with your energies as I do in the 1-2-1, with my well informed team (those that are now in spirit), but we work more on what tools, techniques and goals are needed to give you back control of your life. Working with your energies gives me the opportunity to get to the core of your issues, insecurities or anything else that is holding you back, in a very swift, safe and productive way.  



Realisation is a very powerful thing and can be the start of change and achievement. This can then give you the opportunity to reap the rewards from your life rather than struggle through it. Changing your energies to more positive ones will in turn flow out to those around you, changing situations in your life in a more natural way.


Walk and Talk

Nature has so many ways to show us how to adapt, survive and grow if we are open to it. 

Walking and Talking out in nature is something I will do with my clients when ever possible. It is a great way to help my clients look at their life and overcome situations in such an amazing way, by using example of how nature copes.  Also once the understanding is there this empowering action can be done as often as the client likes and with no hand holding by myself.  

Nature has been around a lot longer than us, that in itself says so much.

I had just decided I wanted to be stronger and have more control over my own life and then I was guided to Lynne. I go for intuitive self-awareness coaching and Lynne is showing me the tools I need to gain control, and I am also discovering my true self as well. I really look forward to our sessions and when I leave I am uplifted and ready to achieve all my goals.
Lynne has made a huge difference to my life and how I look at the world
— Gail - March 2016