Are you in a dilemma?

Are you in a dilemma?

Are you in a dilemma?

Maybe you’re at a crossroads in life, or you just have that feeling that something isn’t quite right and you’re not in the groove. 

Who might then help you to get real, get awareness of what is going on, and help you to highlight the opportunities available, so that you may move forward? 

In conversation with Lynne Pomeroy, The Message Giver today, we explored how she can add value to your life, and help you to do all of these things.

Lynne is passionate about what she does, and she exudes confidence when it comes to her gift for reading energies.  She is genuine in her approach, and respectful of people’s privacy. 

Although she appreciates that some are sceptical and often curious, her work has value, and is often transformational.

It’s such a natural process; it’s like having a cup of tea and a chat (but without the tea) in her words.

No really it is!

So how might Lynne help you take action, so that you can start to live the life you choose?

Here are just 3 ways Lynne can work with you to achieve your goal or resolve your dilemma.

1.       She will get straight to the core of you working on your base layer, to identify ideas or behaviours that may be holding you back.

2.       She can help you to create a template for life. A list of core values that will serve you to adapt and thrive as you travel along life’s path.

3.       She can help you to connect with yourself and consider self-love, self-respect and self-worth.

Her mission is to empower you to live in the present, to accept responsibility and set you on the path of self-discovery to realise your potential.

It’s all about the energies! But what exactly are they?

We’re not talking about energy in the sense of whether you could go out and run a marathon today, or the energy that is required to light and heat your home.  Lynne has a natural ability to tune into your own personal energy, your aura or life force.  She is able sense the attitudes or emotions of you and those around you.  These senses and feelings come through to her as mental images and scenes, almost like a photo album or movie.

Her primary focus is to work with you and your energy first.  This is like a personal data base of information that she can tap into.  She can also relate to energies of those who are no longer here in the physical sense, spirit energy.  Lynne is then able to act as a message giver from the impressions she is sent. 

Lynne describes herself as being spiritual yet realistic.  She will challenge and question and gently push you if you need help with a decision, and sometimes that’s just what we need.

We all have the answers within us, it’s just whether we want to listen to them or maybe we just need some guidance to understand them.  Maybe that guidance could come from Lynne, The Message Giver.  Maybe she is the person to offer you that road map, to set you going in the right direction, so that you may go forward to live the life you choose.

So what’s next?  If you would like to pose a question for discussion in the next blog, please email


If you would like to find out more about how Lynne could help you, feel free to contact her here to arrange a 1-2-1. 



Post authored by Charlotte Riley - Being Truly Me

About Charlotte Riley

Charlotte is a blog writer.  Her business Being Truly Me offers a bespoke blog writing service for female entrepreneurs who want to blog so they can share their passion for what they do, but may not have the time or creative inspiration to blog themselves.  Charlotte helps them to get their voice heard, whilst being true to their character and their business.









The Resolutions Revolution

The Resolutions Revolution

Many of us make doomed resolutions for the New Year; we are going to get fit, join a gym or give up smoking and swearing. We all know that these bold promises made to ourselves rarely come to fruition, but there is something inside us which longs to mark the beginning of another year in a significant fashion, affirming our commitment to live the life we really want rather than the one we merely put up with. But you don't have to starve yourself or set unrealistic goals in order to get that sense of renewal which can make us excited about the future, whatever our age. Each week for the early part of 2017, Townsite will be carefully selecting some real gems to give your new year an optimistic edge.

Your Base Layer!

Your Base Layer!

I quite often find it hard to explain to people what I do and how it can impact their lives. At networking the other week, it came to me. I was listening to all the wonderful service/products that were being offered, they were all very empowering and would have a great effect on people lives. It made me realise if we don’t get our base layer right then anything else we do is just a cover up rather than a benefit.

For instance when you get dressed in the morning you start with (or most people do) some sort of underwear. If that is not comfortable then you will be distracted for the rest of the day.  So, despite putting a great outfit on top of your base layer and spending time on your appearance, the energy you send out will be one of discomfort, which is what others will pick up on. So a lot of hard work all wasted due to the base layer being wrong! 

This is where I can make a big difference to your life/base layer! I go into the core of you and bring to your attention to what you may or may not know. Things that are holding you back, distracting you and generally disrupting your base layer. In other words I can make your underwear more comfortable!

I will make you think about your base layer before you start to add to it and make sure you get the best result possible for you and your life.

Your template for life!

Your template for life!

Template of life

Hello to you all and thank you for taking the time to read this short blog.

Nature survives and thrives because it learns to adapt to change but unfortunately we don't always do this. Change happens but we try and stay as we are, then wonder why things are not working out so well in our lives!

So what can we do about this?

After a one to one with one of my clients, who came to me because she has been stuck in a very dark place for quite a long time, I asked spirit how could I help her to help herself, they came back with "Get her to change her life template".  Interesting, what could this mean I thought, so I decided to try it out on my self.

What was my template of life?

I came up with a list of core values that I believed to be important to me and that would enhance my life if I lived by them. However when I looked at the list it was what had been passed down to me from my parents, which in the beginning of my life gave me great roots to work from. But I have been through so much and I was now a totally different person, so that template was now of no value, it was just a process I was following rather than representing the true me. 

I got to work on my new template thinking about the things that were important to me now and below is what I have come up with.

  • Listen and react in a way I choose to, not react how I feel others would want me to.
  • Please others only if it pleases me to do so, not out of guilt or pressure.
  • Find and appreciate long lasting joy.
  • Swap self punishment for self praise/worth/pleasure.
  • Understand true friendship.
  • Appreciate rather than except 

So what would you put on your life template to help you to change and adapt to survive and thrive ?



Lets do it natures way!

Lets do it natures way!

It’s the smallest things we do for ourself that can bring about the biggest changes.

Like the picture above this plant started with just a seed, then using the nutrients from the earth, water and sunlight it grows into a beautiful bud then a masterpiece of nature.  

Nature knows and gets things right so why don’t we do the same?

Have you got the basic things in your life that will help you become your own masterpiece?

What are the basic things?

How about self-love, self-respect and self-worth!

All these basic but very import emotions are within us and we have full access to them. But alas they get buried under the pressure from what others expect from us, how they feel we should fit in with their lives and how they judge our skills and abilities.

We give them control of our progress instead of taking control ourself.

If we dig deep and find our three basic values, self-love/respect/worth and bring them to the surface how amazing would our life then be? What masterpiece would we become? How different would others see us and treat us?

Why should others decide if we are a flower or a weed?

Are You Doing It Three Ways!

Are You Doing It Three Ways!

Scientific research has identified
your headheart and gut areas
all have the intelligences of brains!

Do you use just one of your brains or two or all three of them? 

Something worth thinking about!

Your head is the area of thoughts, your heart is the area of emotions and the gut is the area of reactions. So its true, you can be effected by a broken heart, your gut does know, and your thoughts can bring about powerful outcomes! 

We can be so busy, programmed or lost in dramas that we don't stop and really notice which brain we are working with and why.

What a waste of three amazing facilities!

What difference would it make if you knew which one you were using and then tried to use one of the other brains, try and use all three or swap which one takes the lead?

So how about we have a go and see how this works for you.

I have put a message below, please read it then notice which is the first of your brains to go into action, your thoughts, emotions or a reaction.

Then read the message again every day for a week, but focus on using a different brain each time to see how different the message comes across to you. 

"If this was the last thing you were ever going to do with your life, what would you do and why?"

What about trying this in your every day life and see what difference it makes, you could have lots more awakening moments and experiences. 

I would love to know how it works for you, so please let me know if you would like to share your experience with me.



Bye......for now


What If?

What If?

After having a conversation with a good friend on a bike ride on Sunday morning, this light bulb moment came to me, which I would like to share with you all.

What if everyone is born a pure soul, an incomplete pure soul? Then every single thing that is said to us is stored with in us, our subconscious, every single experience we have is also stored with in us. All this moulds us, prepares us and gives us choices. 

What if all those that inflict pain, disruption and unkindness into our lives are pure souls that have chosen to use their own personal experiences to hurt others or to teach us a very important lesson?

What if we are all responsible for our own actions and how react to others, but we are not responsible for others actions.

What if we fall in love with the pure soul of someone, but they are overwhelmed by their own personal experiences and choose to exchange love for other emotions.

What if we could see the real pure soul within others, could we forgive them, could we rise above their lesser energy, their insecurities and their unwanted actions?

I believe that we choose our life, our parents, because we know are lesson to learn. It could be about forgiveness, understanding, poverty, abandonment, strength or one of many other things that we need to learn and understand, in order to grow and become our true self.

The hardest part is that we have no idea after we are born, exactly what our lesson is, and on top of that we are totally dependent on those around us for our survival! We are vulnerable, in experienced and at the mercy of others.

As we grow older we become more aware of our choices and how others actions affect us, but we don’t always have the experience to know how to deal with this.

When we do have the experience to know how to deal with things, we are quite often programed or so trapped we don’t know how to break free.

What if we became responsible for our self and our own happiness, by understanding that we are a pure soul having a human experience and not to allow the human experience to overwhelm us, just to learn from it?

What if we show others, by our own actions, what is important to us and our true soul?

Would we then experience this crazy thing called life in a more enjoyable, peaceful and fulfilling way?

You Need To Contact The Police NOW!

You Need To Contact The Police NOW!

You Need To Contact The Police NOW!

You need to contact the police now, the mind police, as your true self has been kidnapped.

97% of the population are living in the unconscious state of entrapment, only 3% are living their true purpose and YOU could be part of that 97%.

Your mind starts creating all sorts of emotions and responses to situations you experience from the minute you are bornand throughout your life for as long as you allow it! 

Other people’s opinions, teachings, understandings, beliefs, regrets, fears, actions, responses and much more are constantly being fed into your mind!

Where is the space for your own true desires, purposes and dreams?

How do you break free and have what you want in YOUR life and not what you are being fed by others?

Your mind is a very powerful gift and you can achieve what you want in YOUR life, but this will only happen when you are free from the Mind Kidnappers. So, it is time to call in the mind police and remove all the unwanted. Once you realise that you can do this, you will have a massive space that you can fill with lots of new opportunities and can create your own future.

Having the abilities to connect to a billion souls and pass on their knowledge, puts myself in a very good place to spot your mind kidnappers, show you how to kick them into touch and get you back on YOUR path of True Purpose.

As with everything in your life it is your choice, so do you stay in the 97% of just existing in a programme designed by others, or do you become one of the 3% and be true to YOU and YOUR Life?

Please forward  this onto anyone else you know that would benefit from this blog, thank you.

Bye......for now