About Me

It’s a privilege and a big passion of mine to be able to give others the opportunity to find a better way to live their lives, but how did it all start?

I don’t remember having any experience with spirit until I was about 17, when odd things began to happen. On one occasion, I went to a faith healer to get help with my migraines. He told me that I had a gift, which meant I could connect with other peoples energies and pass on relevant messages to them, that I could also work with spirit in a very natural way, and that I should find out more about my abilities and how to use them. I tried quite a few times to go and see the lady that he recommended but always got blocked, so that was the end of that until I was in my mid-thirties. In the meantime, life decided to give me a few adventures on life skills, which were very demanding, testing and very valuable in lots of different ways!

After the birth of my daughter, in my early thirties, my life took on a very different direction and even more adventures were sent our way. One of the more pleasant adventures was visiting a spiritualist church. I’m not quite sure how we ended up there, but we did and my daughter (now in her 5th year on this planet) seemed to be very comfortable in this environment, which meant a lot to me. This then led me to start attending spiritual workshops and working with groups of people to develop my own abilities. Many years later and after trying out lots of different methods, I have found my own unique way of working with the energies of others to deliver the relevant individual support that was needed.

Now I really want to break the mould and the ideas of what working with energies can be about. For me, it’s not about having power or control over others, it’s about bringing realisation into people’s lives, giving them back the power and control, so they can be true to themselves and live the life that they came here to experience.

Through lots of my own personal life experiences, trying different ways of working with individuals energies and having the support of spirit energies too, I feel I can offer an efficient, practical and personalised service with a slight twist (working with a well-informed team - those that are now in spirit), that will benefit those who choose to have a session with me.

If you are in a happier place, than those around you will benefit too, and I will have then served my life purpose. 

I am also know as the Arse Kicker with a Hug!