1 to 1 Energy Reading


It is a fact that everything on this planet is made up from energy, and that includes us. We can be effected by those energies around us and also others are effected by our energies, which can lead to disruption, confusion and deep involvement in others' dramas. 

We can also be effected quite deeply by loss and this can be a loss of a loved one to spirit, the breakdown of a relationship, loss of a job/career or personal possessions.  



Using my Intuitive abilities I work with your energies to find out about you and your life.  Once I have obtained this information I will feed it back to you via my messages, I also get some extra information from those that know you and are now in spirit. This process will give you the opportunity to get back on track and give you an understanding of the choices you have.It’s your life and only you should decide which way it will go. My role is to bring you understanding, reassurance and confirmation, so you can take those important and personal steps on your path of life.

Can I change your life? If you are open to change then yes via my messages

Walk and Talk

Nature has so many ways to show us how to adapt, survive and grow if we are open to it. 

Walking and Talking out in nature is something I will do with my clients when ever possible. It is a great way to help my clients look at their life and overcome situations in such an amazing way, by using example of how nature copes.  Also once the understanding is there this empowering action can be done as often as the client likes and with no hand holding by myself.  

Nature has been around a lot longer than us, that in itself says so much.


I went to Lynne not really knowing what I would gain from the experience. I was blown away with what I walked away with that evening. I had some questions answered that gave me closure on the passing of my mother. Lynne had the most amazing intuition on what areas of my life I needed to work on, and to top it off gave me advise on the tools I could try to help start the process of becoming the person I could be. The session was in such a relaxing atmosphere when messages came through it just felt like a three way conversation. I would advise anyone who is stuck in life, or has questions to ask of souls that have passed to have a session with Lynne. My session has given me a kick start and focus on the things I need to work on to move forward to a happier life. Thank you Lynne.
— Vikki